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50 facts about us | Follow us around | Bloopers

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Finally, 50 facts about us. I feel like everybody and their mama filmed this challenge already, and we are the last to join. But here it is!

We actually filmed this video for a while, as we wanted to film it on different locations. So it is also a kind of follow me around, if you will. We started off in Paris, and finished it at back home on different locations.

50 facts about us | Follow us around | Bloopers


As the sound quality is not the best due to the wind, here are the facts written down:

1.Dora always falls asleep while watching a movie

2. We have a little dog named Riki.

3.For our first date Luka took me hiking and I wore a full face of make up, as I wanted to look cute.

4. I like playing video games. (Luka)

5. We have been together for almost 3 years.

6. Since we have been together we visited 14 countries.

7. My favorite color is blue. (Luka)

8. I have a big family. I have 25 cousins. (Dora)

9. We really want to go to Australia

10. My favorite car is Lamborgini. (Luka)

11. We live in Slovenia.

12. I speak Slovene, English, Serbian, Albanian, Spanish, a bit of German and a bit of French. (Dora)

13. I don’t like driving. (Dora)

14. I hate traffic. (Luka)

15. First time I tried sushi was with Dora. (Luka)

16. My mom is my best friend and not one day goes by that we don’t talk for at least 10min on the phone. (Dora)

17. I have at least one banana every day. (Dora)

18.  We know each other since we were 13 years old.

19.  I lived in France for a year and in Holland for a year. (Dora)

20. I am very competitive and I like to win. (Luka)

21. I love animals, but wasps scare me to death. (Dora)

50 facts about us | Follow us around | Bloopers

22. One day we want to move somewhere next to the water- preferably next to the sea.

23. I haven’t had chocolate for 2 years already. (Luka)

24. My favorite breakfast is a smoothie and oatmeal. (Luka)

25. I am half Albanian and half Slovenian. Half of my family lives in Macedonia. (Dora)

26. It doesn’t seem on camera, but I am actually really tall. (Dora)

27. Riki wakes us up at 5am, every day.

28. Paris is my favorite city. (Dora)

29. I love extreme sports. (Luka)

30. We clean our apartment every Saturday. Spotless.

30. I love going to date nights, and I make Luka take me to dinner almost every week. (Dora)

31. When I was younger I played water polo for the national team. (Luka)

32. I could spend hours and hours at a stationary shop. (Dora)

33. We hate long ques.

34. I am very shy by nature. (Dora)

35. I have a younger sister Kaja. (Luka)

36.  I hate (with a passion) people who chew really loudly. (Dora)

37. Sushi is my favorite food. (Dora)

38. We love chasing sunsets views.

39. I work out 5 times a week. (Luka)

40.  I really like mountains and I missed it while I was living in Holland. (Dora)

41. I love hummus. (Luka) +Dora, actually 🙂

42. I shared a room with my sister Kaja until I was 15 years old, and she drove me crazy. (Luka)

43. Our common passion is traveling

44. I really like ice cream. (Luka)

45.  My mom haven’t cut my hair until I was 7 years old. (Dora)

46. I work as a graphic designer. (Luka)

47. My favorite holiday is Christmas (Dora)

48. I always wear a watch. (Luka)

49. We take a selfie in our elevator almost everyday.

50. This was hard to come up with, so there are some extras for you in the bloopers 😉

50 facts about us | Follow us around | Bloopers

Hopefully this was fun to watch and you got to know us a bit better.

Let us know if you would like to see any other challenges, and have a great week. xx

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