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Beautiful Slovenian Lakes | New Vlogging Style


Our sincere apologies for being MIA for the past few weeks. We have a good excuse I promise. But first, what this is all about – Beautiful Slovenian lakes and our new vlogging style.

Beautiful Slovenian Lakes-3

After some time we went for a trip in Slovenia. It was a cold morning that developed into a hot day and we really enjoyed it. We drove to mountain Rogla, which is a great place to ski, for all your winter sports enthusiasts. Right where you park your car you have a cute “restaurant” with Slovenian cuisine and a map with different options for hiking. We decided to go to LovrenÅ¡ka jezera, which is a series of little lakes surrounded by greenery.

Beautiful Slovenian Lakes-4

The path is really lovely, not too steep and the surrounding is beautiful. Right at the top you also have a wooden path, which is easy to walk on and leads you right to the lakes. Right at the beginning of the lakes area, there is a wooden construction, that you can climb on. From there the view is really spectacular and you can take great pictures. Well… after flying the drone across the area, I might prefer those pictures.

Beautiful Slovenian Lakes-5

Around every little lake, there are wooden benches where you can sit and enjoy. We, of course, had a little snack and took a bunch of photos.


On the way back we had one of the worst pizzas (how can you make a bad pizza?!), but in their defense, it really was very cheap. Also, did you see the size of the onion pieces in my salad? Amazing stuff 🙂

Now let’s talk about more serious topics. Where were we all this time? Well, if you follow us on Instagram, which you probably do, you know what we came up with.

WE HAVE AN ONLINE STORE NOW!! It is called OWS shop.

What can you find there? Posters! In 3 different sizes, and in many different styles. From our graphical creations to our photos. We did do everything ourselves. Website coding, product developing, photography, marketing, etc… And that is our excuse for missing the last 2 posts.

You can visit our page at, or simply click “SHOP” on the top right corner. Hope you find something you might like. Feedback much appreciated.

Another this, which you might have noticed in the video is our new vlogging style. We were watching some old videos and decided to talk in Slovene. It is our native language and we sound awkward in English. Also, we don’t really react the same, our jokes are non-existent and it is overall a different vibe…

There are quite a few of you that don’t understand the language, so we still left some general statements in English, plus we added the subtitles. Hopefully, you don’t hate it!!

Let us know how you like the store, we’ve already sent out a few packages to our first buyers and hopefully, there are many more to come.


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