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Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali


I know that I said this many times, but this time it’s for real. This was my favorite trip so far. And soon you will see why! Spoiler alert- we got engaged, and you are about to see the best proposal ever!

Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali

After Canggu we decided to take a boat to Nusa Lembongan and spend a few days there. There are different way of transfer to the island you can take. First, there is the public ferry, which is very cheap, will cost you up to 5 EUR and takes about an hour and a half. Next, there are speed boats, that are safer, faster and a bit more expensive. That will cost you up to 25 EUR, but you will have a nice experience and you will not fear for your life. 🙂

Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali

We stayed at a place near the beach, where we had our lovely room and a shared pool, which was really nice. The staff spoke very little English, except one of the employees, who handled all the guests.

The food was average, but they were very kind and helpful.

There is not much to do on the island, as it is very small. You can take daily trips to nearby islands, go diving, watching the corals and so on…

Our first dinner was at Dream Beach. There is a restaurant with a very nice view right above Dream Beach. In my opinion, you can find better food and much better service on the island, but the view was worth it. That day we decided to chill around our hotel and explore the next day.

Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali

On the 1st of September was our 3rd year anniversary. We didn’t have much planned for the day, just to rent a motor bike and see as much as we can.

We crossed the yellow bridge on to Nusa Ceningan and our first stop was Blue Lagoon. It is a beautiful and wild place, with amazing views of the nature. We took some drone shots and drove on. Mind you, the roads are not the best. They are horrible actually. On the way we bought some bracelets from two cute little girls, who were fans of Dora the Explorer and were very happy to finally meet a real-life Dora.

Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali

On the very north there is a resort, with many tourist and not the nicest beach. Not worth staying there, if you ask me.

Anyways, back to Nusa Lembongan.

We had lunch at Panoramma bar and restaurant, which was lovely and delicious. The view is nice and so is the food.
Now we were close to the place we wanted to see for a while, which is called Devil’s tears. There is a cave, where the water splashes out, when there are big waves-as seen on the video. There were many tourists, so we decided to walk around the place and find a quite place to film a timelaps. Right next to the Devil’s tears were natural infinity pools, which was something I have never seen before.

Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali

We lifted the drone up in the air and Luka handed me the remote, just to hold it while he sets the timelaps. I was just standing there thinking about why he lifted the drone above us and left it there, when I turn around and he was there, on one knee, with a ring in his hand.

OMG! He proposed!!

It was really unexpected, my first words were: ” A SE TI HECAŠ?”, asking him if this is a joke 🙂

Of course I said yes, cried, and we hugged for forever. Until we had to land the drone, haha! Modern proposals…

Anyways, from that moment on the day was just magical! We returned to the room, skyped all our family and headed out at around 10PM.

There is no food to be found at that time, all the restaurants close their kitchens quite early. As we were unable to get a meal we ordered 3 desserts, which was also great.

Best Proposal EVER! Nusa Penida, Bali


I WAS ON CLOUD NINE <3 Partly from the sweets, partly from the proposal.

Next day we decided to visit the third island, Nusa Penida. One of the hotel’s employee had a brother that was a guide on Nusa Penida and he aranged our day for us.
First we got picked up by a small boat to go to Penida and later our driver picked us at the bay. He was a really cool and funny guy. We saw Broken Beach, Kelingking Beach, Crystal Bay and we highly recommend you visit all this three places.

That was that. Best few days ever, pure love and joy.

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