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Boyfriend Does My Makeup | Summer Bronzed Makeup Look

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We are on tag videos roll lately, and today we have another popular one for you. Boyfriend does my makeup.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup

It is a 10 min video,but it actually took him FOREVER to finish this creation. He had no idea what each of the product does and what he has to use next. I gave him little hints, but not too much.

Don’t know if I should be happy or no, but he did go with the “safe” look, not using much products or pigmented color. He just did what he sees me do every morning, no crazy blue eyeshadow or red lips.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup Boyfriend Does My Makeup

The result? Not too bad to be honest!

He did set my foundation with bronzer and used a spoon of highlighter. The eyeliner could be a bit more straight and closer to the lash line, but it was his very fist time! Impressive 🙂

Boyfriend Does My Makeup

What do you guys think? Like this Boyfriend does my makeup video? Also, how do you feel getting your makeup done? I’ve only had it done a couple of times and it was always way to intense. Luka’s was one of my favorites, actually.

Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Let us know if you want to see any more tags. They are fun to make, but we prefer the travel vlogs, to be honest. We are traveling to Indonesia in 3 days, so travel vlogs are coming your way.

Next time you read this I will be in Bali, yay. Kisses xx

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