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Cake Pops Flower Stand DIY


There is a ton of cake pops recipes online but the purpose of this post is definitely the cake pop stand. It is a very spring/summer inspired and appropriate for your garden parties.

What you need to buy is: 

  • Sponge
  • Cake pop sticks
  • Cake pop Ingredients

What you need to steal from your aunt’s garden (thanks auntie ☺ ): 

  • Flowers



First you need to make the cake base, which you will sadly have to tear into small pieces.

Mix in a big bowl: 

  • 20 dag sugar
  • 20 dag flour
  • 1 dl milk
  • 1 dl oil
  • 1 bag baking powder


Separate the white and the yolk of one egg and mix the egg white until firm. Add all the ingredients, including the yolk and the  firm egg white into a big bowl and mix it together.

Bake it for 10 min.

After that let your base to cool off and then tear it and mix it with butter all using your hands until getting a smooth play dough-like mixture. Make little rolls (not too big, as they will fall off the stick) and put them in the fridge to settle.

Melt some chocolate, dip the stick into it and half-way push it into the roll. Put it in the fridge to set again.

After you feel like they are firm you dip each into the melted chocolate and put them on a stand (not the final stand, as the chocolate will be dripping off). This is the part where you can put your creativity hat on and choose the color and the decorations. Don’t forget to choose a complimentary color to the color of your flowers.

Now it is the time to create the stand. Take the sponge and cover it with flowers. Mind you, at this point you can use whatever decoration you would like (replace flowers with lollypops? Yum!) After you are satisfied with your stand just insert the cake pops and you have your yummy sweet bites on sticks growing out of a spring garden ☺





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