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Crazy Sunburn in Canggu, Bali


Here it is, officially the first Bali vlog.

We took off on the 26th of August. Our flight was from Zagreb to Dubai. Kuala Lumpur and finally Denpasar, Bali. The whole journey was quite exhausting, it took us 29 hours from our home to the villa we were staying it.

Tip number one- go to sleep no matter what time it is and wake up in the morning at local time! But no, Dora insisted for us to go out at 2AM to find some food and look around. Mind you, Canggu is not really a big party place. Most places close soon and at open at 7AM. Therefore we only found a burger place, filled with drunk Australians, had some food and walked back. It was also very strange for the locals to see us walking, so everyone passing us kept asking us if we need a ride.

Crazy Sunburn in Canggu

As you can imagine, we woke up at mid day, next day. The jet leg is real people. We rented a bike and drove to the beach.

Our first impression of Bali was, there is a lot of dogs everywhere, it is really hot and there are a lot of motor bikes. Quickly we started to enjoy the whole situation.

Our accommodation was quite nice. We had our own room and bathroom in a shared villa. Meaning, we were sharing the kitchen and the pool. As there was no one there during the day we basically had the place to ourselves.

Crazy Sunburn in Canggu

By the way, tip number 2! Get your summer stuff off season. If you like my swimwear and my sunglasses- everything is on sale! Check Layoners sunnies and By Lombardi swimmies.

Luka was looking forward to surfing for the longest time, so of course we had to go to the beach and ask where we can rent a board. We went to Canggu beach and there were some guys that were surfing instructors. They offered us lessons and boards right there at that second. As we were too excited we agreed and jumped into the water. Mind you, I have never surfed in my life and I haven’t used any suns cream on my legs and my behind. You can already imagine the result. We were in the water from 1 to 3 PM, mostly paddling – direct sun on my ass and falling into the big waves-drinking liters of water. For the grand finally the fin also hurt my leg so I got a lovely cut and a bruise that stayed there for the next 3 weeks. Super.

We’ve now established that surfing is probably not my thing, just like skiing is not, as much as I am trying. #couchpotatoe

What to see and do in Canggu?

We visited Tanah Lot, which is an island temple. You should go there when it is low tide, so you can walk around. Mind you, there are more tourists there at that time.

Crazy Sunburn in Canggu

Canggu, in my opinion is all about the beaches, surfing, the bars and shops. Our routine was to wake up, go for breakfast to Organic, Kynd or just for fruit on the market. Later we drove around, shop at some shops and return to the villa, when the sun was the hottest. Don’t forget my ass is completely sun burned at this point. We had fun staying at the pool, eating snacks and relaxing. At about 3pm we went to the beach and stayed there until sunset. My favorite part of the day was choosing where to go to dinner. There are so many amazing places, as you can also see in our “what I eat in a day” video.

Crazy Sunburn in Canggu


If you are only staying at Canggu and not traveling around the island you can arrange some day trips to visit other cities and landscapes. We regret not going snorkeling, but we’ll get over it, haha.

Tip number 3, please don’t miss the sunsets. One of my favorite nights was at The Lawn, where we were enjoying the pool and having dinner at sunset. Crazy beautiful.

Crazy Sunburn in Canggu

Our next stop was Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Something VERY special happened there, which you will be able to see next week.

Until then, have a good week xx




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