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Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Wreath


December is here, my favorite part of winter. With December comes Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, presents, cooking and lots of different DIYs. For that reason, I have a quick and easy DIY for you today. We are going to be making a recycled Christmas Wreath.

Quick and Easy DIY Christmas Wreath 02

Luka actually surprised me with the idea while we were shopping for food last Saturday. He suggested we get all new Christmas tree ornaments, as the ones we had now were my family decorations and were combined with different sets. Now the idea was to only choose two colors and stick to that.

We chose copper and dark blue, which make the tree gorgeous. Also, it is not the usual gold and red, which we can get sick of quickly, especially in December.

Anyway, there very many old little decoration pieces left that we were not using, which Luka wanted to donate or throw away. As this is very sentimental for me, and I wanted to keep them in the basement, even though we were never going to use them again, I needed a good excuse. We agreed on keeping as much as one shoe box can store and reusing some with different projects.

One of those was our DIY Christmas Wreath.

A Christmas wreath symbolizes the eternity and an unending cycle of life. But this year let yourself step out of the ordinary and make your own kind of wreath. It can be any shape, decorated with any decorations you would like. You can choose what it will symbolize.

I’ve found some on Paper and Stich Blog I really loved and decided to make them in the summer.

What do you need to make it?

Firstly, for sure you need a base. This can either be a styrofoam or a wooden/metal ring. Actually, as said before, it can be any shape you want.

Next, choose your decorations, which can be different branches, leaves, flowers, ornaments, decorative tape…etc.

Before applying any decorations I suggest you tie a string in order to be able to hang the wreath on the door. After that, go on and do what your heart desires.


I’ve gone for a very mystical theme. A fairy sitting under the bright starts.

Make sure to stop by on Instagram to see our new and wonderful Christmas tree. Next video will actually be a vlog in Slovenian. Hopefully, you don’t mind, we are trying something different.

Have a wonderful first week of December.


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