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What I eat in a day | Vegetarian | Best restaurants, Bali


Oh god, this feels like a lifetime. We’ve been away for more than 3 weeks! Bali was amazing, so was Norway…

The first video from Bali is a What I eat in a day, as food was a big highlight of the vacation. Obviously 🙂 Best restaurants I’ve ever been to were in Bali.

What I eat in a day | Vegetarian | Best restaurants, Bali

Breakfast is the king of meals in Bali. The fruit bowls, fresh fruit, toast, homemade jams…everything looks and tastes amazing. Our go-to places were Cafe Organic and Kynd Community. Both amazing and cute. The prices are a bit higher than normal for Indonesia, but still affordable.

Firstly, I had an iced hazelnut latte, with coconut milk. Luka’s choice was the detoxfy smoothie, which consists of oranges, apples, carrots, tumeric and ginger. As, I usually make a very good choice, when I order in a restaurant Luka followed my lead and we ordered the Berry Tropical bowl. It is frozen dragon fruit, banana, coconut water and berries mixed together. The topping was home made granola, strawberries, mango, banana and sweet dukkah. Can’t get enough!!!

By the way, the sunnies I am wearing in the video are from Layoners. They are polarized and super cute. You can get your pair here.

After some unsuccessful gift-searching we needed a drink in the heat.

We walked by The Clean Canteen. We only had drinks, but would probably have ordered something if we haven’t just had breakfast. The menu looked really nice and it is safe to say that the staff was one of the nicest we’ve came across. 10 points for that place!


Next, lunch time! We’ve been driving past this place almost every day, since we stayed in Canggu and the looks of the restaurant really caught my eye. It is called The Savage Kitchen. I’ve googled it and the concept looked really cool. Of course we went there. It is a BEAUTIFUL place! The only bad part was we sat outside in the heat, so we took short trips to the toilet, where they had air condition 😛

Our choice was veggie wraps and sweet potato chips. As you can see, it looks beautiful and healthy, but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the taste. Luka liked the potatos a lot, but the veggies not so much. We also had a banana bread dessert, which was good. The prices are also higher than usual, probably the most we paid for a lunch/dinner in Indonesia. But we enjoyed the experience, as the food is so nicely presented, the staff was lovely and the overall place is super cool.

What I eat in a day | Vegetarian | Best restaurants, Bali

The plan for dinner was to go to the market and buy fruit for dinner. Of course we changed our minds and went out for proper dinner. This restaurant was called Poke Poke and was very close to the villa we stayed at. They had Indonesian and Hawaiian food and as true food lovers we got 4 dishes and 2 smoothies, haha! 😛 We tried something called Roti, which reminded me of a mixture between crapes and burek. Can there be a better mixture?? So good! Btw we also came back here for our last dinner in Bali. For the main dish I had vegetable curry and Luka had their typical vegetarian Nasi Goreng, which is fried rice.

What I eat in a day | Vegetarian | Best restaurants, Bali

Mind you, we normally don’t eat as much, but when you film a What I eat in a day in Bali, you kind of go all in. Not a single regret was given 🙂

Can I recommend some other restaurants? Gladly, there are sooo many to choose from. Bali is a food lover’s dreamland, seriously.

For breakfast we LOVED Cafe Organic, as already said. Also we tried Nalu bowls, which was also OK. Best breakfast we had in a hotel, was definitely in Ubud. We stayed in Omah Apik hotel and they make the BEST pancakes, with homemade jams. Some days we also just bought fruit on the market and had that by the pool. It is very affordable and the variety of the tropical fruit is awesome.

What I eat in a day | Vegetarian | Best restaurants, Bali

Lunch and dinner. Usually we had a late breakfast, a little snack and a big dinner. We tried many restaurants, but the ones we really liked were: Single Fin Uluwatu, Trattoria Uluwatu, Spicy Ubud, …and many more. Maybe I can do another blog post only on bars and restaurants, if you would like to see that.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video, by the way it is filmed on a new camera. Next, we will have a travel vlog for you.

Have a great week, be kind to each other, kisses xx

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