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February 2017 Wish List, Ray-Ban, Nasty Gal, Society 6 and KitchenAid


With February comes a new Wish List. Again, it contains a print, the obssesion continues. Our plastic, well loved blender, that we have, works great, but a glass one would be much easier to maintain. And for the biker duo, I love the jacket and the Ray-Ban sunnies, that I wanted for ages.

Firstly, the print. I love this black and white one from Society 6. An exciting project is coming up… we are setting up our own print store!! When all is finished we will let you know, for sure. This one is from Dorit Fuhg and there are many great ones where that came from. Movin on to the blender. As I already mentioned, since we changed up our eating habits we use our blender religiously. The plastic is getting a little bit foggy and it is harder to completly get rid of the smell. Seems like it would be easier to mentain a glass blender and this one is BEAUTIFUL.

The fashion part kind of goes hand in hand. I’ve wanted this sunnies forever. Whenever I go to the store, I try them on, but can’t make my mind to buy them. Somehow I feel they are too small for my face, but I love the look of them. The next time I go to the store, I am sure I’m getting them. To finish off, I chose this jacket. I really like how it looks and it would also look really cool with the sunnies.


KitchenAid – Blender, Aqua Sky Color

NastyGal – The Ragged Priest Sob Story Denim Jacket

Etsy- Dorit Fuhg, Portrait of a highland cow

Ray-Ban -Round Metal

Finally, I hope you got some inspiration from this February Wish List how to spend you money this month. I sure have many ideas 🙂

Until then, keep wishing!


Print, portrait of a highland cowKitchen Aid Blender, Aqua Sky ColorRayBan round metalThe Ragged Priest Sob Story Denim Jacket

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