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Escaping from the Office | Amazing Drone Shots from Lake Bled, Slovenia

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We don’t spend many weekends apart, but this was one of them. Each one of us had lovely days in the nature, but only Luka documented it, as we only have one camera. We prolonged our summer in Slovenia, by going to lake Bled, as we are now currently traveling in SE Asia.

lake Bled 8

My good friend Dejana moved to Austria and when she has some days off to come back home, I like to see her and catch up. Luka on the other hand has his good friends living in Ormož, where he likes to go and spend some time with them. So this was a win-win combination.

lake Bled 4

Anyway, I am sure everybody heard about lake Bled. We happen to be lucky enough to live a 30 min drive from it. We left the office at about 4pm and headed to the lake to swim a bit. The place we like to go to is Zaka, it is 5 EUR for the parking and you can stay the whole afternoon.

lake Bled 6

I got some new swimsuits from Lisa Lombardi and wanted to try them on, before going on the Asia trip. They are really nice and I also like to wear them as a top with a skirt.

lake Bled 2

The cold water quickly got to us and we decided to walk around the lake and fly our drone for a quick trip to the island. How amazing are the shots?? We love it, best part of the video.

Are there any places you would like to see on the video before visiting? Let us know, we need some new destinations to show on the blog.

lake Bled 1

Until next time, keep up with our Instagram stories from Bali. xx

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