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North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip


I know, it was a shock for me too, going from humid and hot Bali to freezing north of Norway. It was all worth it though, the nature is simply amazing.

This trip was me and my mom only, Luka stayed home and us girls went to see the world alone. My mom labeled it as my last “single” trip with her, before I get married. Sounds sad, but it was quite the opposite, we had the best time.

We left early in the morning from Ljubljana airport, flying directly to Alesund. “Luckily” I was jet lagged, therefore it was not hard for me to wake up early. First thing after arriving we walked around the city. It always amazes me how you can take a short flight and come out in a different world. Probably it was even a bigger shock coming from Asia.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 01

Norway is really magical. So peaceful, fresh, calm and beautiful. We haven’t been to Oslo or any other cities, but according to what we saw, that are the words that describe Norway in my opinion.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 02

After checking in to our hotel we took a trip to the nearby islands Godoy and Giske. The weather was not the best, but it added to the atmosphere. We climbed a lighthouse with a really nice view and meet a girl from Albania, that was working there. According to her words north of Norway was very peaceful, and the quality of life is very high. It can get a bit boring from time to time, so many young people tend to move to bigger cities, but to raise a family it is perfect. Jobs are not hard to find and the salaries are high, no matter what you do.

Sounds dreamy, right?

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 03

Next day we drove more towards north and we took the famous Atlantic road. That was the moment I really regretted not bringing the drone. It is an 8 km long road that connects the Island Averoy with the mainland. On the way there are many little islands, connected with all sorts of bridges. We arrived to Kristiansund, where we had a quick stop and continued our way towards the Trollstigen. Apparently this is where the trolls live. The drive with the big bus was a bit scary, as the roads are very narrow, but the sights were incredible. There are waterfalls coming out of everywhere for you to admire, while you take 11 sharp turns to the top.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 04

On the very top there is a viewpoint and a cute little gift shop. Luckily we went for the view first, as after standing there for 5 minutes the fog rose and the amazing view was gone.

We continued our way to Stranda, which is a cute little village, where we spent the night.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 05

Next morning we left Stranda and drove to Hellesylt, where we took a ferry to Geirangerfjord. The ferry ride was magical, but very cold. Can’t imagine how it must be in the winter. Apparently not that long ago people were still living in the top of the cliffs. They said the people living there had to tie their cattle and children with a rope for them not to fall off the cliff. They biggest source of life were fish and fur.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 06

There was a festival in Stryn, which was on our way to the hotel. The people there said we chose a perfect time to visit the city, as it is this alive only one day in a year. After that we arrived to Invikfjord at the most magical golden hour and took a walk around the village. Life there really must be magical.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 07

Next and final day was a bit shorter. In the morning we went to a national park Jostedal, where the biggest glaciers are located. We took little “golf carts” named Trolls, up to Briksdal glacier. Not to mention, we’ve seen a million waterfalls along the way, which we stopped counting on the first day. Too much beauty to appreciate it all. There are signs that show how the glacier is disappearing through the years. Quite disturbing, when you see the damage we are doing to the Earth.

North Norway Island Hopping | Mother-Daughter Trip 08

In conclusion, another beautiful spot, a must see in Norway.

Overall, I think I will be back soon. After Luka saw the pictures he wants to see it all in person as well.

This is it for the travels for a bit. I feel very lucky and blessed for this summer, so many amazing moments and places. Now, we will be coming to you with some wedding preparations videos and food, which we haven’t done in a while.

Next week we have a special announcement, stay tuned. xx



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