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What I Eat in a Day | Vegan | Packing Lunch for Work


When I first started working at this office we went out for lunch everyday. That was usually something fast, oily and unhealthy.

Vegan Homemade Popsicles | Coconut Milk & Mango Ice Cream


The days are getting really hot here in Slovenia, and we need some icy snacks, guilty-free. We made some Vegan Homemade Popsicles!!

Raw Vegan Fruit LAVA Cake I Melon and Blueberries


In the summertime we usually don’t feel like eating heavy food and are always looking for lighter versions. Some time ago we had a chocolate lava cake at a birthday party and wanted to somehow recreate it our way.

Berlin calling | What to do in Berlin for 4 days


Last summer we decided to visit Berlin. Our friend Thomas was studying there and he was our city guide.

Our flight was from Venice to Berlin and the plane was half empty,

Red Kidney Bean Burger | Vegan Fast Food Option


Lately I have a huge appetite for “fast food” kind of meals. For that reason I decided to make red kidney bean burgers for our Saturday lunch.

Abu Dhabi Layover | What to do in Abu Dhabi for 12 Hours


Layovers can be hell, but they also can be a great adventure. We have spent 12 hours in Abu Dhabi and had the best time exploring it.

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