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Mushroom-Spinach Vegan Whole Grain Spaghetti


Always being on a hunt for easy healthy recipes, that I can also put into my lunch box, I came up with the following one.

Wish List – Week 2


With a new week comes a new wish list. It smells like spring and spring outfits are on my mind.

5 Things to do in Valencia, Spain


1. Rent bikes and drive to the beach

2. Visit an arena


Wish List – Week 1


One of my favourite things to do is »online window shopping«, if there is such a thing. And I am sure I am not the only one,

Flower Prints Wall Art DIY


We all have a bunch of frames that we either don’t use or are sick of the look of them and want a change.

Cake Pops Flower Stand DIY


There is a ton of cake pops recipes online but the purpose of this post is definitely the cake pop stand.

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