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Vilnius, Lithuania Travel Vlog | Beautiful Wedding


Back to my favorite-traveling posts! Our first longer vacations of this year was last week, going to Lithuania and to France,

Granola Bars | Vegan, No-Bake, Simple & Healthy


It is summer and we are always on a go, as the weather is too nice to miss it. For that reason we are focusing on food,

Vegan Picnic Food Ideas | Rice Paper Rolls | Elderflower Juice


Summer time equals vegan picnic time, right? We were in Paris for a week, sightseeing. It was wonderful, but looking at buildings in a crowd,

Nicest Beaches in Greece | Kefalonia Travel Vlog


We have been traveling this past 10 days, and for that reason we have a throw-back for you this Monday. It is actually a holiday vlog from last summer,

Top 10 in Europe | ECA Canoe Slalom


This weekend we cheered for our good friend Anže, who was in the top 10 at Canoe Slalom European Championship, and decided to do a short vlog. 

What I Eat in a Day | Vegan | Packing Lunch for Work


When I first started working at this office we went out for lunch everyday. That was usually something fast, oily and unhealthy.

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Vilnius, Lithuania Travel Vlog | Beautiful Wedding

Back to my favorite-traveling posts! Our ...