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Ubud, Bali | Attacked by a Monkey | Best Hotel Ever


Enough sea for a few days, we went to the heart of Bali, Ubud. It is a very peaceful, spiritual, jogy place, with endless ricefields and amazing nature.

We arrived to our hotel in the afternoon and went exploring the city. Ubud was not exactly what we imagined (or seen in Eat, Pray, Love), but we liked it anyway. In my defense, it was raining the whole three days while we were there, so that also might have influenced our impressions of the place. The humidity was on the next level. I didn’t even bother with any make-up and the clothes that we got wet just stayed wet.

On the bright side, we found people to be much more friendly (if that is even possible), than on the other parts of the Island, and the food choices are insane. First evening we had dinner at Spice, which we regretted it a bit later on, since it was too westernized. Mind you, it was DELICIOUS, but we feel like we should have tried something more local.

You guys know us by know and you know that we don’t lie when we say something is good. Well our hotel Omah Apik was better than good, it was amazing. I have never experienced something that felt so much like home. The owner is a lovely lady, that really takes time to talk to every guest and makes sure you feel your best. The same goes for all the staff and do I need to mention how cool it is, that they have a pet rooster. His name is Iam.


Our room was on the ground floor, with an amazing outdoor bathroom and a view to the garden. No, seriously, you need to experience this to understand.

The lovely girl at the reception arranged a driver for us on our second day. It was a very touristy day, but we enjoyed it a lot, and saw most of the “must-see” sights. The initial plan was to hike to the Mt. Batur Volcano, but we changed our minds, as it was raining. And also, we would have to wake up at 1 AM to get ready. Not my kind of morning 😛

Ubud, Bali | Attacked by a Monkey | Best Hotel Ever

Rather, we chose different locations for a whole day trip.

First stop was Monkey Forest. You pay a small fee to enter and than you can walk freely and observe the monkeys. THERE ARE SO MANY! And I don’t know for the other, but it was a little bit scary for me sometimes. They of course are not trying to hurt you, but they will jump on you and try to take food or any other objects (sunglasses, etc.). More importantly, the nature in the forest is just breath taking.

Ubud, Bali | Attacked by a Monkey | Best Hotel Ever

After about half an hour we decided we would rather spend more time on the rice fields, which was our next stop.

Tegalalang rice terrace. It was not how I imagined it to be, when I saw pictures on Instagram. I though it was in a middle of a jungle, a huge wide place, with hardly an people. But no, it is right next to a street, where your driver drops you off, surrounded by shops and many people.

It is very touristy and there are people on the terrace that collect money if you want to pass. I don’t mind that, they need to take care of the paths, and the overall place, it is just not the vibe I expected. Don’t get me wrong, the place is still amazingly beautiful and the nature is insane. Overall, worth the visit.


Our next destination was the Bali Holy Spring Water Temple. We decided to go all in and “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. There are clothes you need to wear, which you rent there. The Temple consists of three parts and the middle part has 2 pools, with 30 little “showers” when you can clean yourself spiritually.

Ubud, Bali | Attacked by a Monkey | Best Hotel Ever

We didn’t really know what we were doing, so we just decided to copy what everyone else was doing and pray to our own wishes while doing that. It was a really nice experience.

Our last stop was Tegenunang Waterfall. Again, very touristy, but lovely. There are many stairs down to the river and first there is a cute small waterfall and by the end there is the big one. Since it was raining the past days the water was brown, which made it a bit unattractive, but still, the nature around it was amazing.

Our kind driver also made an effort and drove us around the fruit shops for us to buy dinner, and we tried a snake skin fruit for the first time. Not our favorite, but good.

Ubud, Bali | Attacked by a Monkey | Best Hotel Ever

In the evening there was an event in Omah Apik, where we were staying. The owner invited different musicians for a jam session. There was also cheap and great food, and we met some nice people. Such a good experience, I would do it all again for sure!

We still have one final Bali vlog for you, and than we are going to Malesia!

Until than, be kind and good luck xx



2 Responses
  • isha
    July 30, 2018

    hello! lovely blog. Where did you go to get an aerial view of the terrace?

    • On White Surfacec
      July 30, 2018

      Hi! Thank you very much 🙂 Actually it is a drone shot 🙂

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