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World’s top surfing spot | Uluwatu, Bali


All good things come to an end and so did our Bali trip. Our final destination was Uluwatu, where we saw some world’s top surfing spots and had some great food.

Uluwatu is located in the very south of the Island and is a more windy and “cliffy” place. It is full of scenic luxury villas, but you can find cute and affordable places as well. It has more of a touristy feel, and for that reason, we only spent a few days there, before returning back to our “hood” Canggu and later on back home.

World's top surfing spot - Uluwatu, Bali

We traveled for about 1,5 hour from Ubud by car and had a quick stop at Denpasar, which is the capital. Not much to see in the capital. There are many buildings, shops, traffic jams and other, that you expect from a capital city. Anyways, what we really came here for was a camera shop. Luka decided that our vlog quality is not really the best and that we need a new camera. There were many to choose from, but as you might imagine he did his research prior coming there. He went with a Sony-watch the vlog for more details.

World's top surfing spot - Uluwatu, Bali

We stayed in a more secluded area, at a bungalow, with a beautiful pool. There was also a possibility to rent a motorbike at the place like most places have in Bali. Our first day we decided to ride around the place without motorbike and go for dinner and sunset. The perfect place for that was Single Fin. Mind you, you need to pay a fee to enter that part of the coast in order to visit the bar and the famous Suluban beach. I told you it is very touristy. Anyway, Single Fin is extremely busy, but the food, the people, the music and the VIEW is great. It is almost a must go.

World's top surfing spot - Uluwatu, Bali

On our second day, we woke up earlier and went to the beach. We wanted to be there early for the waves and the sun not to be as harsh.

The place we went to was Padang Padang beach.

There is a small fee to enter and you take the stairs down the beach, which makes it a bit unusual and special. Many businesses start running around 10 AM on that small beach and it suddenly becomes very busy. You can rent a surf there, which we did. Also, they start renting out umbrellas and deckchairs, selling drinks, clothes, and souvenirs. The water was also not the cleanest, so if you have a chance to skip that beach, do it.

World's top surfing spot - Uluwatu, Bali


For our second breakfast, we went to Nalu Bowls, which was OK. Mine was not the best, but Luka’s peanut butter bowl was really delicious.

World's top surfing spot - Uluwatu, Bali

It was so extremely hot that day that we decided not to return to the beach, but rather enjoy the shade and the hotel pool, which was lovely, as we were the only ones there. When the sun got a little less hot we decided to visit Suluban beach. It is really fascinating. When there is low tide you can walk down the stairs and walk around the cave to the beach. I explain it better in the video, so make sure to watch it. That spot is also very famous for surfing-actually, it is one of the best in the world. We went for a drink to a bar just below Single Fin and watched the surfers do their magic. The surfers + the sunset = Amazing view. It was really magical.

The cherry on top to the perfect day was definitely our dinner.

We went to Trattoria, with serves all sorts of a cousin. That is usually not the best sign, but it was SO GOOD. Probably the best dinner we had on the trip up to that point. We ordered three very different things. Sushi, pizza and fried rice. And finished it all 🙂

World's top surfing spot - Uluwatu, Bali

That was all the time we had, unfortunately. Our final destination was Canggu again, the same villa we stayed in the first few days. That bit is actually in our first Canggu vlog, not the mix up all the places.

We had a blast in Indonesia, and we loved sharing it with you. Hopefully, you enjoyed it.



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